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Edge of Concepts Review Sports and Competitive Backgrounds

We value a sports mentality at Edge of Concepts due to the idea behind competitiveness and drive. “When you look at athletes or those that have been in sports before, you will notice that they have an urge to compete and do better each time they are out on the arena. Similar in business, we embody those and appreciate those that have a sports mentality because they tend to excel in our industry,” says Edge of Concepts. Having a sports mentality means that you will work hard, train yourself and practice to make perfection happen. It’s also important to understand that a sports mentality is not only useful in athletic situations, but it comes in handy in all types of fields. 

“An example would be someone who is an athlete; Michael Jordan for example. He is known as one of the greatest athletes of all time. He also a great businessman. This is because he has drive, mentality and passion. That same type of mentality that he used on the court, was applied to business which made him more successful,” says Edge of Concepts. Our team at Edge of Concepts knows that there is immense value when it comes to thinking with a sports mindset. Having that competitive drive really helps us in the long run. 

According to Elite Daily Magazine on competitive individuals, they write, “ Competitive individuals — at least the more mature, experienced ones — are often incredibly emotional. But they’ve managed to control their emotions. They compete because they’re moved to compete. And they don’t give up, because they don’t allow their negative emotions to get the better of them.” Also, “Competitive people push their boundaries. They have no issue toughing it through the difficult times; they know that things will be better on the other side of the tunnel. They’re more hopeful than the average person.” These are the type of individuals we respect at Edge of Concepts and know that they will love working in fast paced, friendly company culture!